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  “FESTES DEL FOC” 2000 [+] [-]

The Dance of Death also know from the French word Danse Macabre, most likely derives from Latin Chorea Machabæorum, literally "dance of the Maccabees" and has its source in earliest Medieval 14th Century and spread throughout Europe: France, Germany, Italy, Catalonia... Originally was a play to remind people of the inevitability of death, the omnipresent possibility of sudden and painful death and to advise them to be prepared all times for death (memento mori = remember that you are mortal). The first victim shows how a pope crowned with his tiara is being led into hell by the dancing Death. Nowadays between the celebrations held in Catalonia we can find The Dancing Death of Verges, The Patum at Berga, the fire festivities with Dragoons, firecrackers in Forcall, Montblanc, Sitges, Valls... to quote some ones. Woman very often and in many religions is seen as been impure the reason of evil and sin as can be reflected in funerary architecture as well as in art painting and sculpture.

“ENTRE EL CEL I LA TERRA” 2002-2003 [+] [-]

The Feast of Corpus Christi is one of the oldest celebrations with ancestral rites which have been preserved for centuries and most delightful celebrated throughout the history of Barcelona from the year 1318, old pagan spring festivities where the public particularly enjoy the spectacle of the dancing egg, in which eggs are strategically balanced on top of spouting streams of water fountains located around the cathedral decorated with flowers and cherries. All types of characters take part in the celebrations, members of guilds and brotherhoods, dance groups perform in each procession, devils, the virtuous, dwarfs, giants and eagles. and life would be to stick closely to the traditions. The processions which take place are colourful and lively with the streets decorated with carpets made with broom flowers and rosmarin related with the spring and the agricultural cycle



Christmas postcard with Jesus the herdsman of a small village of Zaragoza, his four goats, the dog "Pastora," dovecot, the Saint Virgin's hermitage, the tunnel of this small road wherein go by our history and .. its landscapes.


Scene taked from the folks Christmas theatre (shepherd-boy play) where the hell, fire and devils carry away wrong people (damned) into a hell full of monsters, fierce beasts, fire and demons. Is a critic and ironic work...

Festa del Pi de Centelles [+] [-]

Centelles (Barcelona) stages a Pinewood Festival in honour of the martyred St Coloma, burnt at the stake with pinewood. At down on 30th December els galejadors or trabucaires (gallants or musketeers, respectively) deafen listeners firing their popguns, the noise of which dominates the whole festival. People then proceed to the mountain to collect the pine tree, the focal point of the celebration. Once in teh village, the tree is raised in the square, dancing takes place, and then the tree is carried inside the church. Here it is laid flat on the floor and the top is decorated with wafer and five branches of apples. On 6th January its branches are distributed amongst the townsfolk.


“AL CEL HI HA UN PALLER” 2006 [+] [-]
Collage triptych that tells us about the countryside house called Ca n'Argelaguet and its surroundings: the fields, the woodland, the fountain and the Saint Laurence mountain, afterwards the Gosol and Forellac harvest feast with the rick culmination, the lunch and the danse to end the journey.

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